A new Era of Skin Care 2018-11-29T12:08:14+00:00

SBT is a new generation of cosmetics mimicking skin biology with cell identical formulations, to reach a very high concentration of actives perfectly tolerated by all skins even the most sensitive ones.
Silicone, perfume or parabens which cannot be found naturally in our skin have been consciously omitted. SBT works like skin, from within. For the 1st time in cosmetics, each product is not based on water or thermal water but on our skin cell own nutrient fluid, the Cell Life Serum, containing the precise 55 essential components (vitamins, trace-elements, amino acids, minerals and antioxydants…) matching our skin cell requirements:

Result: biologically young from within.

  • Cell Replenishing: collagen and elastin production is stimulated for a firmer skin and visibly smoothed wrinkles.
  • Cell Resistance: skin redness and irritations are visibly reduced.
  • Cell Regenerating: 100% more intensive cell renewal** a visibly improved skin texture.

It is proven: SBT activates a biologically young and radiant skin.

**Cell renewal rate ex-vivo,Cell Life Serum vs. water (Hamburg research)