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Diagnostics & therapy for the skin
The Dermatologikum Hamburg was founded in 1997 by Prof. Dr. Steinkraus. The goal was to establish a modern institute for skincare and aesthetic dermatology, research facilities and laboratories – all under one roof.
The team of 40 doctors (including 25 specialists) covers the entire spectrum of specialized treatments: traditional dermatology, pediatric dermatology, operative dermatology, allergology, vascular surgery, laser therapy and dermatological laboratory diagnostics



With the opening of the SBC SKIN BIOLOGY CENTER in Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Volker Steinkraus – founder of DERMATOLOGIKUM HAMBURG and pioneer in the field of dermatocosmetics – created the perfect combination of dermatology and cosmetics already in 1997.

The SBC SKIN BIOLOGY CENTER works exclusively with nursing programs that are based on the latest scientific knowledge and the dermatological expertise of DERMATOLOGIKUM HAMBURG. The combination of modern skin care technologies and up-to-date medical knowledge is the guarantee for beautiful, radiant and healthy skin.

The care concepts especially developed for the SBC SKIN BIOLOGY CENTER offer individual treatments which are adapted to the particular skin condition, which are newly covered during each visit.

Philosophy and thus an integral part of every SBC-FACIAL is the personal “pro-youthing consultation”: A comprehensive picture of the current lifestyle is created here and a strategy for more beauty, aura and quality of life is recommended if necessary.